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Backlit Fabric Displays

Backlit Fabric Displays

Portable backlit graphics system available in large custom sizes, our backlit systems are designed to be free standing with the option for single sided or double sided graphics. These are our highest impact backlit display system, suitable for exhibitions, retail & promotional applications.

(Default pricing is for double sided print – default pricing for fabric is TexLit – default stabilising foot is flat type)

TexFrame Backlit Fabric Displays Portable


  • 140mm frame depth
  • Seamless textile prints
  • Brilliant high resolution image printing
  • Non reflective image surface
  • Interchangeable & washable fabric prints
  • Custom sizes available
  • Accessories include:
  • Stabilising flat feet
  • Low voltage LED internal lighting system


TexFrame Backlit 1800x2400 TexFrame Backlit 1900x2500 TexFrame Backlit 2400x2400 TexFrame Backlit 2800x2400
Backlit TexFrame 180x240cm Backlit TexFrame 190x250cm Backlit TexFrame 240x240cm Backlit TexFrame 280x240cm
TexFrame Backlit 1000x1500 TexFrame Backlit 1200x2400 TexFrame Backlit 1200x2400 TexFrame Backlit 1200x3600
Backlit TexFrame 100x150cm Backlit TexFrame 120x240cm Backlit TexFrame 120x240cm  Backlit TexFrame120x360cm
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